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Paintings by Constantine Arvanites for The Greek Institute


By Kostas Ouranis (1890 - 1953)

To my friend Pavlos Nirvanas

I long for you, daybreak on Greek seashores…

With thousands of voices nature awoke in the garden:
birds, cicadas, rustling of trees in the wind,
groan of the well wheels, braying of donkeys,
roosters that greeted the azure day.

Gentle murmuring of the sea on smooth sand,
laughter of children bathing in the caress of cool water,
and the fisherman’s song heard in the distance
as he draws in the fishnet cast the night before…

O Greek seashores in the springtime dawn,
rose colors, coolness, fragrance, serenity,
sweet sunlight! Oh, if only my exiled soul,
like an anchored boat, had remained there…

English translation by A.A.

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May 1 - The fourth cycle of Greek language classes begins
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A presentation by Dimitrios Ioannidis, Esq. of his 2012 book entitled "Lobby Power." It is a comparison of the Greek, Turkish and Jewish lobby groups and how they affect U.S. foreign policy, with an introduction written by Professor Manolis Paraschos. Copies of the book will be available to purchase.

May 11th at 5:30pm Christine Kondoleon, George D. and Margo Behrakis Senior Curator of Greek and Roman Art, will lead a guided tour of the three, new Greek galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts (at 465 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02115) exclusively for members and friends of the Greek Institute. These galleries include works that highlight Homer and the Epics; Dionysus and the Symposium; and Theater and Performance. The tour will also honor the memory of our dear friend and member of our advisory board, Henry Irving, who passed away earlier this year.

This tour will be available to friends and members of the Greek Institute free of charge. Please RSVP by May 4th by phone (617-547-4770) or email (

A glimpse of some of the embroideries and costumes the family of Doreen Canaday Spitzer (1914-2010), well known American Philhellene, recently donated to the Greek Institute.

On her first visit to Greece, Doreen Canaday wrote to her cousin, "I have seen the Parthenon in full moonlight, have seen Sophocles' Electra in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus...I have got lost, almost, on the slopes of Hymettus, of honey fame, and seen such sunsets and sunrises as people only dream of. Sometimes I can't believe it's really true..."
View the embroideries